You will need:

An evaluation program is available for download - I used version 7.4

Simple Filters
Filter Factory Gallery J
<20/20> ~ If you have a version of PSP earlier than 8.


Let's Begin:

Using PSP open the image you wish to make your background from...
Duplicate it (Shift + D) and close the original image...
Using the Selections Tool (selection type - rectangle) select a good portion of image...

This is the image I made my background from (Left)...

as well as the section I chose to work with to make my background (Right)...

I made sure to get a good selection of light and dark for contrast...

Once you've made your selection, copy and paste as a new image...
Resize your selection to 380 width x 380 height... when doing this, make sure to uncheck the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio of.... '

Go to Effects, Blue and Gaussian Blur... use the following settings...
Next step is to apply the 'Twister' filter from Filter Factory Gallery J... settings are defaulted as below...
This is the result after the twister filter... and this is a lovely background on it's own...
I played with the filters at this stage, and came across another quite pretty outcome, so I'm now giving instructions for both outcomes...

Option 1

Step 1. Simple Filter - Diamonds
Step 2. Simple Filter - Pizza Slice Mirror
Step 2a. (Optional Step) You can use the Simple - Diamonds filter again (and again if you wish) to produce a slightly different, smaller sized pattern... There is not need to resize this, but certainly no reason why you can't... Below is an example of the image using the 'diamonds' filter twice in this step...
Step 3. Resize the image to 192 width x 192 height... Save.

Option 2

Step 1. With your image open after using the 'Twister' filter, go to 'Edit', and copy... Step 2. Open the 20/20 program... Go to 'Edit', and 'Paste' as a new image... Step 3. Go to 'Image' then 'Seamless Tile'... Below is the result of using 20/20...
Step 4. Go to 'Edit' select 'copy', then go back to PSP, go to 'Edit' then 'Paste' as a new image...
Step 5. Simple Filter - Pizza Slice Mirror
Resize the image to 192 width x 192 height... Save.
Original Tile Resized
2nd Optional Tile (20/20) Resized
3rd Optional Tile (Double Diamonds) Resized


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Written on the 23rd October, 2003

Susan aka Night Owl 2007