You will need:

An evaluation program is available for download - I used version 7.4

Eliminate White - A free Photoshop filter

~ A note from the author ~

Once you start using masks with PSP, it's hard to stop! I know I just can't get enough of them.
There are plenty available for download on the internet, but frankly, I enjoy making my own as well. I'm positive you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy that is to do!
You can use black and white or colour images, but black and white gives better results.
Once you learn this technique, you'll be searching through your image folders looking for all the possibilities!
Have fun!

Open your selected image in PSP, Shift+D to duplicate. You can also find this command under 'Window'. Close the original image.

Go to 'Colors', and 'Increase Color Depth' to 16 million (24 bit). This step isn't always necessary but check to see if the colors need adjusting anyway.

Go to 'Layers' and 'Promote To Layer'

Next step is to go to 'Effects' then 'Plugin Filters', and look for 'Eliminate White' under Transparency. Apply.

Go to 'Selections' and 'Select All', then using any one of your selection tools, ie Magic Wand, Freehand or Selection, move the cursor over the image. Click once.

Return to 'Selections' and choose 'Save To Alpha Channel'. You should see a negative representation of your image there. Click 'ok' to both questions - If you're making a lot of masks, this changes automatically, so it's unnecessary to for you to do anymore.

Go back to 'Selections' and choose 'Load From Alpha Channel'. Once again, you'll see the negative image you're working with. Click 'ok'.

Go to 'Masks' and choose 'Load From Alpha Channel'. Click 'ok'.

Return to 'Masks' and select 'Save To Disk'. Choose a file name for your new mask, and save!

And that's all folks!

Now, wasn't that easy? Once you get going, you can make masks very quickly!

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