Creating Corner Images
Dingbats & PSP

Quick note from the author:
With this tutorial you will learn how easy it is to use dingbats to create images in PSP.  The images can be corners, borders, birds, flowers... in fact, they can be whatever you want... that is, as long as you have the dingbat necessary to make it so :o)
I'm choosing to create a gold corner image, but don't let that stop you from creating anything that takes your fancy...
Please keep in mind that this is just a basic example of how to create these images... you can also choose to use other filters like Flaming Pear's Blade Pro (which I used on this page's corners) and Super Blade Pro to bevel and colour your image.  For now though, we'll stick to what PSP alone can offer.

PS... Don't forget to save your file!

Susan aka Night Owl

You will need:
PSP ~ If you don't already have this program, a trial version is available.
I'm using version 8 for this particular tutorial, but you should be able to vary the instructions slightly to suit the earlier versions.

Border Corners Dingbat ~ this is a free font for personal use only.  While you're at the site, take a good look around and see what other dings they have on offer which you might want to use.

My Sculpture Pre-set ~ This is for use in PSP8 only.  Extract the file to your 'Presets' folder in PSP.  For those with earlier versions of PSP, I've supplied a screen-shot with all the settings I've used.

1.  Open your dingbat and minimize it.
2.  In PSP, create a new image with a transparent background ~ I'm choosing to make the image 150px square, but you can adjust the size to suit your own needs.  I'd suggest that if you're making corners, then keep the image square.
3.  Select white as your foreground colour, and black as the background colour.  Just as an aside, you can change the colours or select patterns if you'd like to experiment a little.
4.  Select your font tool which is positioned, by default, down the left hand side of the program.
5.  In the preset area across the top of the program, make the followings selections:-
'Create as' a Vector;
select your font ~ I'm choosing to use Border Corners;
'Size' 100 (if you want to go bigger than this, use your mouse to select the numbers inside the size box; and type in your preference);
'Stroke width' is 1.0;
'Anti-alias' is checked;
'Warp Text' is checked;
'Alignment' is centered;
Everything else in this area is left at the default settings.
6.  Click your mouse anywhere on your new image and the 'Text Entry' box will appear.  This corner dingbat uses the lower case letters on your keyboard only, so make sure the 'Caps Lock' key is off.  Run thru the keys one at a time, until you find a corner that you like.  The one I've used on this page is the letter 'e'.
7.  Go to 'Objects', select 'Align' then 'center in canvas'.
***If you'd like to create more than one corner at a time, please read the note below the Sculpture Settings Image.
8.  Go to 'Selection's, and select 'from vector object'.
9.  Select your first layer, then go to 'Layers', and 'convert to raster layer'.
10.  Go to 'Effects', 'Texture Effects', and select 'sculpture'.  Use these settings:-

If you're unhappy with these settings, PSP8's given us a lovely little button to play with... It looks like a playing die... clicking on this allows you to randomly select settings, so just keep clicking until you find something you like :o)

You've finished!  Now all you have to do is open the image you want the corner to go on, go back to the corner image, select the layer with the corner and hold your left mouse button down to drag in onto the new image.  You can then reposition it wherever you want it to go.

***I personally don't like waiting to flip and mirror corners until after the it's been bevelled... I like the shadowing going in the one direction on all of the corners... So if you're making multiple corners, it's best to do it before you've selected the image.  Before you go to step 7, go to 'Layers' and select 'duplicate' as many times as you require.  Rename each layer for each corner you need. ie. Left Top, Left Bottom, Right Top, Right Bottom.  As the corner I've selected to make on the dingbat is the bottom right corner by default, I need to select the bottom left corner layer, then go to 'Image' and 'mirror' it.  Then I select the top right corner layer, go to 'Image' and 'flip' it.  As the last corner layer is the top left corner, it needs to be both flipped and mirrored.

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