Selections Tag Tutorial

Susan aka Night Owl

Artwork by John George Brown (1831 - 1913)
You will need:

<PSP> ~ I used V8 for this tutorial.  If you don't already have this program, a trial version is available.
I'm using version 8 for this particular tutorial, but you should be able to vary the instructions slightly to suit the earlier versions.
Your own image
A font of your choice - I used <Bakerscript> in the tag above, and <ITC Arid> in the tag below.
<Xenofex v1> ~ This program is not available as a free demo.

Author's Note:

I have exaggerated the placement of selections in the above tag for teaching purposes only.
The tag at the bottom of the page is a better example of how your finished tag should look.
If you don't have Xenofex, you could apply a mask to your layer instead.  I've made one just for this purpose.  You'll find it <here>.
If you're unsure how to apply a mask, I've written a tutorial with instructions on how to apply it in PSP v's 7 & 8
You'll find that <here>.
I am lucky to know some wonderful people who volunteered to test this tutorial for me.
Their results were varied and imaginative.  If you'd like to view their work, you'll find their page <here>.
I recommend that you save your image often during this process.

Let's Begin...

1.  Open your image in PSP - I chose images with dark backgrounds.
2.  Go to Window/Duplicate (Shift+D) then close your original image.
3.  If your image is large, Image/Resize to more desirable dimensions.
4.  Go to Layers/Promote to layer.
5.  Go to your 'Selection Tool'/Selection - I chose to use the rectangular shape, but you can choose any you like to add interest to the tag.
Anti-alias checked
Feather = 0
6.  Select a prominent feature of the image.
7.  Selections/Promote selection to layer.
8.  Adjust/Brightness & Contrast/Brightness & Contrast.
Brightness 15 - this setting can be varied if you'd like your selections to stand out more
Contrast 5
9.  Effects/drop shadow
Vertical & Horizontal 2
opacity 85
blur 6
colour - select a dark colour from the image or black
10.  Effects/drop shadow
Change only the Vertical & Horizontal to (-2)
11.  Selection/None
12.  Return to layer 1
Repeat steps 6 to 12 until you're satisfied that you've selected and promoted a nice coverage of areas in the image.
13.  Using the 'Move Tool', slightly move each promoted layer a little out of alignment from the original graphic.
14.  When you're satisfied with the end result, go to your layer palette, right click on bottom layer, Merge/Merge visible
15.  Selection/Select All
16.  Selection/Modify/Contract
Number of Pixels 5
17.  Selection/Invert
18.  Hit the delete key on your keyboard
19.  Selection/None
20.  Effects/Plugins/Xenofex 1.1/Distress
Edge Type - Rough
Edge width - 20
Irregularity - 60
21.  Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow
Change the blur settings only to 3

Adding the text...
22.  Outside of PSP, Open the font file, and leave open until you've finished making the tag.
23.  Go to your Text Tool
Create as Vector
Select your font
Size 45 - the size will depend on the font you use, so you might need to adjust this setting to suit.
stroke - none
Anti-alias - checked
Bold (B) selected.
24.  Click the cursor approximately where you want the text to go on your tag...
25.  Type in the word you'd like on the tag in the window that pops up...
then highlight the letters while the popup is still open.
26.  Go to your Materials Palette, and click on the background properties.
27.  Select a colour from a light area of your image, and lighten slightly by clicking on the down carot in the (L) of the colour's properties as demonstated below

Drag the level to the right a little.  This is so the text colour doesn't 'merge' into any of the colours on the image...
28.  Press ok, then apply
29.  Use your cursor to grab the very end of the handle coming out of the very center of the box surrounding the text, and move it up a little till you're happy with the angle.
30a.  If you're planning on applying an effect like Blade Pro (as below) to the text, go to 'Selections/From Vector Object' first, then go to Layer/Convert To Rastor Layer.  Then apply the effect.
(If you need help using this effect, I've written a quick tutorial on selecting presets located here)
30b.  If you want the text to remain plain (as above), just to go Layer/Convert to rastor layer.
31.  Apply the same dropshadow settings last used.
32.  Using your 'Move Tool' again, move the word until it fits nicely into the bottom right hand corner of the tag... make sure it doesn't go over the edge of the tag.
33.  Save - and that's it...
Thank you for trying this tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.

Artwork by James Bama©

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