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Being the PSPer that I am, I noticed a clever advertising effect while out shopping, and decided to look for a filter to help create that same effect using PSP. The sign was painted with black and red dots only, and portrayed a woman's face, shadows and all. I haven't quite achieved that exact effect, but I am happy with the outcome. Making it Black and White was an obvious choice for me, as it could be used as a mask... or a brush... or both lol This effect won't work with all images, but works very well with 'People' images. Great for tagging effects if that's what you're interested in. Once you know the steps, or created a script (for personal use of course), then you might want to experiment with different images.
Below is a 'Before and After' to give you an idea of what your image should look like at the end of the process... remember though that not all images are suitable for this process.
From This...
To This...
You Will Need:
PSP ~ I used v8, but vX is available for a free trial Here
Filter Factory H ~ A free filter available Here
Eliminate Black ~ Another free filter available Here
An image of your choice.

Let's Begin:
Open your chosen image in PSP, duplicate by holding Shift and pressing D, or go to Window/Duplicate.
Close your original image.
Go to Image/Greyscale, then go to Image/Increase Color Depth/16 million colors (24 bit)
Go to Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Histogram Equalize - if you're after great black and white images, you can stop right here
Go to Effects/Plugins/Filter Factory Gallery H/Print Screen ~ Frequency 0, White contrast 255, black contrast 190 and angle 190
See Screenshot below...
If you have Filters Unlimited 2 installed, you might have the Filter Factory plugins imported there.  Just use the same settings.
Go to Layers/Promote Background Layer.
Go to Effects/Plugins/Transparency/Eliminate Black.
Go to Adjust/Softness/Soft Focus and use these settings...
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer.
Go to Layers/Arrange/Move Down.  This will put the new layer under the layer you've been working on.
Using your Dropper tool , select a dark grey from your top layer.  I used #6F6F6F.
Flood Fill the bottom layer with your selected color.
On your Layer Palette, go to your top layer, and change the blend layer mode from Normal to Dodge ~ See screenshot below...
Go to Layers/Merge Visible
The image at this moment should be a soft grey shade, and if you choose, you can stop now, but it won't make a very good mask or grey as it's too pale. But as an image by itself, it's pretty.
+Go to Layers/New Raster Layer.
Flood Fill the top layer with black.
Go to the Layer Palette and change the top layer's blend layer mode from Normal to Soft Light.
Go to Layers/Merge Visible.
Repeat the last four steps ~ from Plus sign ~ once.
Go to Adjust/Histogram Adjustment.
See Screenshot below...
As with most of my tutorials, there is always room to play, so if you're unhappy with any of the settings I've used, have a little play yourselves.  You might find something else that better suits your image.
For instance, take this Histogram setting above... If you click on the black up arrow, the image becomes whiter, but you don't see any adjustment to the settings... the graph just peaks a little higher.
Like I said, have a play and see what you come up with.
At this stage you can make it into either a brush or a mask.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
If you have any problems, you're welcome to email me. Just click on my name at the bottom of the page.
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Written 18th May, 2006