You will need:

<PSP> ~ You can download a free trial of the program.
<Paint Engine> ~ by Fantastic Machine
<FM Tile Tools> ~ A demo of this filter is available.
<20/20> ~ If you have a version of PSP earlier than 8.

Let's Begin:

Open a transparent image 200 x 200.
Flood Fill with your desired colour.
Go to Effects/Fantastic Machines/Paint Engine.
Apply the following settings.

Apply Paint Engine again using these settings...

For V8 and above - go to Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling - default setting.
For earlier versions
Option 1:
- go to Edit/Copy. Open 20/20 and go to Edit/Paste as a new image, then Image/Seamless Tile.
Now go to 20/20's Edit/Copy, and go back to PSP, Edit/Paste as a new image.
Option 2:
- Double click on the Selection Tool Icon
A 'Select Area' Menu will appear.
Add 30 in the 'Top' and 'Left' areas, and add 270 in the 'Right' and 'Bottom' areas. Press OK.
An area of your working canvas will become selected.
Next go to 'Selections/Convert To Seamless Pattern'.
PSP 7 will crop the outside area not selected, and seamless tile the centre.
For ALL versions - Effects/FM Tile Tools/Blend Emboss - default setting
Save - and that's it.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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Written on the 9th May, 2005