This tutorial was written using PSP v8.
You will need:
< PSP > ~ A free trial of the program is available
< Screenworks Filters > ~ Contains 30 different pattern generating filters by Cybia

Let's Begin:
If you are creating this background to match a feature image for stationery, open that image in psp.
With your Dropper tool, select your foreground color by left clicking on a dark color of your feature image. Select your background color by right clicking on a lighter color of your image - make sure the colours compliment each other.
Go to the Materials Palette/Background and Fill Properties/Gradient and select your Foreground/Background gradient ~ repeat 1 angle 315
Ok, we're ready to start making the background.
Open a new image 150 x 150, transparent background, and flood fill with the selected gradient
Go To Adjust/Add-Remove Noise/Add Noise/Check monochrome and uniform and add 15% noise.
Now go to Effects/Cybia/Screenworks/Aged Mosaic - default setting.
The aged mosaic effect leaves a broken black grid on your image, so if you'd like to change the color or add a pattern to the mosaic pattern, zoom in, and use the Magic Wand (Tolerance - 20, Feather - 0 and Anti-alias unchecked) to select part of it, then go to Selections/Modify/Select Similar ~ Tolerance 0, Anti-alias and Sample unchecked ~ then flood fill with your chosen material.
If you'd like to add a dropshadow to the grid - Sample 1 and 2 have had dropshadow applied - do so while the grid is still selected.
Selections/Select None.
Next go to Effects/Reflection Effects/Kaleidoscope and use the settings as shown below

If you're feeling adventurous, try changing the Kaleidoscope settings. I changed Sample 2's radial suction to 19, and produced what I thought was an equally lovely effect.
When you're finished, save your background. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Sample 1

Sample 2

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